Ringworm Cure By The Use Of Home Remedies

Ringworm is common type of skin infection that infects any part of the body. It usually causes rashes on the skin that can be itchy, reddish, or painful in rare cases. The most common symptom is the circular patch with slightly raised borders it creates. The good news is that it is easy to treat although it may recur a few times. Though you can get variety of anti-fungal best ringworm cream that will help you treat the rashes from any pharmacy, you can also use the natural products you have at your home. If you are an athlete and cannot wait for the home remedies to work on them then go for the best antifungal creams for ringworm and keep it as an weapon against irritating ringworm. Here are the most common remedies to get rid of ringworm at the comfort of your home.


Garlic is known to have anti-fungal agents that can treat a wide range of fungal infections. Wash the area infected and dry it with a clean towel. Peel a piece of garlic and slice it into tiny pieces. Place the pieces on the infected place and cover it with a band-aid. Repeat daily before you go to sleep for several days until the area is healed. For best results, leave the garlic overnight.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has natural healing abilities that we can use to cure a wide range of skin infections. It has the ability to make the skin smooth as it removes the infection causing fungi. Apply the gel from an aloe vera leaf directly on the infected area and leave it for a few hours. Ensure that you clean the area with water and soap before applying the gel. Use daily until the rash is completely gone.

Vinegar solution

Vinegar has also been proven to have healing abilities. Mix vinegar and a pinch of salt to form a thick paste. Apply the paste on the skin area that is infected. Leave it for a short period, between 5 to 10 minutes then remove the paste. Repeat the procedure every day for approximately one to two weeks. Discontinue the treatment if the area heals sooner.

Coconut and jojoba oil

These natural oils are the perfect home remedies for treating ringworm in babies and children. They are effective in treating infections but are mild on the skin. Either you can use them independently, or you can mix with lavender oil in equal ratio. Apply the mixture on the infected part every night before you go to sleep. Leave the oil to stay overnight and clean the area in the morning.