Eye lashes are desirable when they are moderately long. These hairs increase a person’s appearance especially when one puts on makeup correctly. Some people however tend to have shorter or fewer than usual eyelashes and may be looking for ways to promote [eyelash growth]. If you are one of them, here are the three ways you can go about this:

Take good care of the skin

Eyelashes are part of the skin and so they grow healthily when the skin is healthy.  Keep away from harsh environments and always wear sunscreen when going to the beach. Also avoid rubbing your eyes much since this will cause lashes to fall. Remember also to use the appropriate makeup kit tools when enhancing your eye area to avoid excessive pull on the lashes.

Use vitamin based skin nourishments

Products rich in vitamins A and C are very effective for fast hair growth. Both of these nutrients stimulate follicles to produce new hair and also enhance the production of keratin- a hair protein- in the body. When applying enhancement creams like collagen, moisturizers and oils, rub a little on your eyelids. Some products however are not comfortable for the eye region; therefore use only non- itchy ones on this area.

Coconut oil and chamomile tea mixture

When you don’t find a friendly skin cream for your eye, you may take a mixture of these two and apply it over your lid using a clean cotton swab. You have to dissolve the chamomile and extract the liquid which you will add to the oil. Only make a small concoction for single application, since the tea may not stay fresh until the next use.

Growing healthy eyelashes also requires patience and care. Once you observe the above, yours will develop in a matter of days or weeks.